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According to the U.S. Department of Energy, windows could account for 10 to 25% of a home's energy bill. Using ENERGY STAR qualified windows manufactured with Low-E glass and argon gas to replace your single pane clear glass windows will reduce energy consumption.

More glass options

  • Krypton fill
  • Bronze or Gray tint
  • Heat Mirror - Low E film fixed between glass panes
  • SC75 - argon fills both air spaces
  • SC75 S - argon fills both air spaces + Low E glass coating

Energy Efficient Glass

EnergySMART glass is standard in every Polaris window. These insulated glass (IG) units are panes of glass sealed onto the Intercept U-shaped steel spacer. together, the spacer and sealant block temperature transfer and reduce condensation.

We also offer many high performance energy SMART upgrades. Low E coating reduces ultra violet light damage and heat gain. Triple pane IG units offer greater insulation and have sound deadening properties. Argon or krypton gas fill between panes further reduces temperature transfer. Upgrades are ENERGY STAR qualified. Ask for a brochure.

Lifetime Peace Of Mind

Comfort, energy efficiency, ease of operation and ownership are built into every Polaris window. Tough Polaris vinyl extrusions are Ultra- Welded at every frame and sash joint to create seamless and strong windows. Vinyl itself is not a thermal conductor.

These and many more features are standard. Hardware operates effortlessly and is designed with style and strength. Our vinyl formulation maintains its color.

Your new vinyl windows will retain their weather tight barrier and pristine appearence for a lifetime.

When To Choose New Polaris Vinyl Replacement Windows

As a homeowner, you are currently paying way too much for your monthly gas, electric, oil, or propane bills due to energy loss through old, loose-fitting windows.

  • Growing fuel bills, and no end in sight
  • Condensation build up
  • Dirt, dust infiltration-unhealthy home
  • Cold drafts near windows
  • Difficult to operate
  • Loose-fitting locks
  • Maintenance wastes valuable time
  • Lack of cosmetic appearance, curb appeal-loss of investment
  • Cleaning exterior can be hazardous
  • Lack of security

Polaris Replacement Windows - FINAL ANSWER!
Vinyl is THE ideal window construction material because:

  • 100% Virgin Vinyl Maintains color
  • Doesn't deteriorate, rot, pit, warp, or corrode
  • Can be extruded and shaped into distinctive window designs
  • Doesn't damage or corrode if scratched
  • Can be fusion welded to elimiante air and moisture leaks at the joints
  • Offers excellent insulating properties--especially with multiple-cavity frame and sash extrusion designs. Also available with foam filled extrusions
  • Offered in multiple vinyl colors, wood grain laminates and exterior paint